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The FlowRider difference

Proven Product’s

We bring the So Cal Lifetstyle to your venue, anywhere in the world via the FlowRider Family of products, including Flow House.

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180+ Installations

Waterparks, Municipalities, Hotels, or Standalone, the FlowRider is the investment that keeps on giving - entertainment that pays.

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Birth of a Sport

Flowboarding is the fastest growing board sport in the world. With a steep, thrilling learning curve, you too should go with the flow!

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ORIGINAL Attraction

The FlowRider® is the original sheet wave. It has history, creativity, and originality at its’ roots. Don’t look elsewhere, look for the ORIGINAL.

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Recent Installations

View some of our “latest” projects. With over 180 successful installations globally you can be confident you are making a wise decision working with us.

  • FlowHouse Bangkok Named as the Second Best Water Park in Asia
    Medal of Courage Awarded at Recent FlowTour Stop
    DropZone Waterpark FLOW Tour Event #7
  • FlowTour Hits WaveHouse San Diego
    Mobile wave is on the go…. To Phoenix!


The FlowRider® appeals to a broad range of age groups, from kids learning to ride a wave for the very
first time, to teenagers and young adults who like to rip it up and throw spray.

The FlowRider® family for the past 20+ years includes: