FlowRider Triple Specifications


75-85 Db


W 12.8 m (42 ft) x L 16.25 m (53 ft)

Tank Volume

212,500 L (56,000 Gal)


570 Amps @ 270 kW/hr, 3 phase

Inflatable Ride Surface

The FlowRider Triple uses our newest surface technology, the inflatable ride surface, for pillow-soft wipeouts. Compare it to landing on a giant sofa.

Three Times the Riders

We doubled the amount of riders you can accommodate with the FlowRider Double – now watch us triple it! Using two inflatable dividers, you can create three ride areas to triple the fun and triple your revenue.

Guest Experience

The huge carving surface on the FlowRider Triple allows flowboarding enthusiasts plenty of space to show off their skills. And beginners can feel more supported than ever by trying out the wave at the same time as friends with the inflatable divider in use.