Stand Alone

Redefine Your Mall, Restaurant, Bar, or Anything Else You Can Imagine with a FlowRider®

Differentiate with a Skill-Based Attraction

Drive F&B Revenue

Attract Entire Families Who Love the Lifestyle

Create a Vibrant Scene as Day Turns to Night

Onsite Retail Drives Additional Revenue

Activate Your Mall

The original formula for a successful mall has gone by the wayside. With the advent of online retail, most big box stores have seen a massive reduction in sales and many have even shut their doors. It is time to get creative, and there is nothing more unique than seeing people ride a perfect wave in the middle of a shopping center! Anchor your mall with a FlowRider, deliver the SoCal lifestyle to your guests, and watch them return over and over again.

Level Up Your Restaurant Experience

Cultivate a Cool, Healthy Lifestyle

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