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The term Flow House™ encapsulates the entertainment venue concept of fusing flowboarding, food, beverage, retail and events. It’s a prepackaged slice of California beach culture delivered straight to any indoor or outdoor space around the world! Although there are many ways to build an exciting venue, there is a special amenity that anchors this concept in particular. At the heart of every stand alone venue is the FlowRider®, the world’s original sheet wave. The FlowRider is basically a liquid stage that is as thrilling to watch as it is to ride. While visitors hang out, eat and listen to music, they are also entertained by endless flowboarding sessions, high-stakes competitions or professional flowboarders simply showing off their skills.

Why develop a Flow House?

It’s a great question. When looking to develop an entertainment venue, why model it after the Flow House concept? Here are four ways a stand alone venue built around a FlowRider helps you stand out amongst a crowd in a competitive market.

Meeting Consumer Demand for Experiences

Consumers and sports enthusiasts worldwide want memorable “experiences.” They want to be challenged and a skill-based attraction does just that. FlowRider sheet waves afford riders the opportunity to learn a variety of board sport skills while enjoying a great core strengthening workout.

User-Generated Content & Social Media

It’s almost as fun to watch as it is to ride yourself. A FlowRider instantaneously becomes the focal point of any venue making it the perfect setting for photos, videos, and riders firsthand blogging about their experience with Flow House. Uploads, shares, and posts on various social media sites generate priceless exposure for your venue. Want to see the possibilities for yourself? Type in #FlowRider on Instagram to browse over 130,000 unique posts.

Market Differentiator

Our sheet waves give you a serious competitive advantage! Plain and simple. Arguably a Flow House concept on a large scale, we once posed the following question to Royal Caribbean International, who has built 23 waves across 19 of their ships – “Why did you install FlowRider’s on your biggest ships?” The answer was simple – “We wanted something to set us apart from our competitors and the FlowRider did just that.”

Simply put, our rides set you (and us!) apart from the competition.

What’s the Business Case?




A Hub for Lifestyle and Community

One of the most compelling forces behind a stand alone venue is the lifestyle and community it supports. We infuse our California roots into all our products so that you can create a venue that evokes feelings of being in SoCal sunshine. Riders, young and old, can feel adventurous, sport their favorite surf brands and keep coming back for more!

The Golden Trio: Entertainment, Dining, and Retail

The experience economy and competitive socializing trends are redefining the way consumers want to spend their time and money. The Flow House concept hits these three points directly on the head.

The FlowRider: a thrilling experience anchoring an entertainment environment for riders and spectators alike. The Kitchen: From fast-casual to sit down dining, integrating food & beverage in your venue uplifts the your entire business model.

The Surf Shop: A stand alone venue is the perfect setting to sell gear and apparel that matches the surf lifestyle of the venue.

Events and Nightlife

Events and nightlife are an important piece of the Flow House DNA. Flow Leagues, Flow Jams, Night Flights, live music, corporate events, and private parties are some of the activities that can naturally be integrated into your venue. By day a stand alone venue mostly attracts friends and young families, but when the sun sets and the music turns up, an exciting social scene takes shape.

The Ultimate Anchor to Your Venue

Appealing to any skill level, FlowRider makes the sport of surfing approachable and brings it to anywhere in the world. This unique selling point is a major contributor to the draw of new customers . Plus, the inherently thrilling experience of riding and spectating, a FlowRider keeps guests hanging out for longer.

Customer Loyalty

Whether it’s a die-hard flowboarder or a family looking for a new weekend tradition, a FlowRider keeps guests coming back. As a skill-based attraction, guests get better after each ride which, leaves them yearning for more. Our strong cultivation of flowboarding over the last three decades has led to a loyal following around the world that is eager to support the next venue.

Wave Lineup

From the classic FlowRider Double to a more authentic surfing experience with FlowSurf™, we have a lineup of waves to suit any venue’s needs. Some of the most notable include:

  • FlowRIder® Double

–        With the ability to host two riders at once, the double is the go-to wave for most venues.

  • FlowSurf™

–        A more authentic surfing experience using deep-flow technology where patrons can use a real surf board.

  • FlowBarrel™

–        Created for thrill seekers, it’s one of the most thrilling and eye-catching waves we offer.

Return on Investment

Whether it is the click of the cash register or the swipe of a credit card, the Flow House concept is built on revenue generation. A stand alone venue is a combination of four major revenue generators that are cohesive and complimentary of each other: Food & Beverage, Retail, Events, Ride Ticket Sales.

Site Considerations

Location, location, location! One of the first steps in developing a stand alone venue is to find a suitable site that’s not too big and not too small. The “sweet spot” is anywhere from 10,000 sq ft up to 20,000 sq ft of venue space. The ideal site strikes the perfect balance between location, size and activities.

Operating Considerations

Operating a stand alone venue may seem like a tall order. But, with over 200 plus FlowRider waves spread across the world, we’ve got a solid network of expert operators and consultants who can turn your dream into a reality. What we can tell you is that our waves are intentionally designed to minimize things like energy consumption, water loss, and staffing requirements, while maximizing turnover rate and of course, the thrill of riding a wave.


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