Small footprint, big impact.

The little sibling to the most successful artificial wave in the world.

FlowRider Single Specifications


75-85 Db


W 6.7 m (22 ft) x L 16.25 m (53ft)

Tank Volume

106,000 L (28,000 Gal)


180 Amps @ 90 kW/hr, 3 phase

Compact Footprint

The FlowRider Single is the perfect match for areas that require a smaller footprint. A one pump attraction designed to give you and your patron years of fun – because without fun, there is no FlowRider!

Tension Ride Surface

The FlowRider Single uses our patented, tensioned ride surface, which is built like a trampoline for soft falls. Wiping out has never been so fun.

Venue Transformation

Are you interested in adding a surf machine to your venue, but do you also have limited space? Look no further than the FlowRider Single. Transforming small venues into entertainment hubs for board-sport enthusiasts and general fun-lovers has never been easier.