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Maintain Your FlowRider

At FlowRider, Inc. we care about you and your product. Similar to a car, periodic upkeep is crucial to ensure longevity of your stationary wave machine. From nozzle flaps to rear walls, we are the one stop shop for FlowRider maintenance. Feel free to give us a call at 1 (619) 241-2518 at any time so we may address your needs.

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The FlowRider Services Team

Digital FlowRider Maintenance with Mobaro

FlowRider in Color

Would you like a FlowRider in a color other than our stunning FlowRider blue? No problem. Bring your request to any FlowRider team member for a quote, and let us bring your favorite color to life!

Minimize Risk with Life Floor

Life Floor is the pioneer in slip-resistant flooring for aquatic settings. Their industry-leading flooring is non-abrasive, cushioned for bare feet, and made to last. WhiteWater and FlowRider, Inc. are exclusive partners with Life Floor, so we can help make the area around your FlowRider even more vibrant, fun, and safer for play!

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