FlowCurl Specifications


75-85 Db


W 21.23 m (70 ft) x L 15.65 m (51 ft)

Tank Volume

315,000 L (83,000 Gal)


5 Pump Configuration

1020 Amps @ 510 kW/hr, 3 phase


The FlowRider Double combined with a curling wave, the FlowCurl has plenty of room for beginners to learn.  The steep wave face and curling section allows more advanced flowboarders to show of their skills and attempt more radical maneuvers.

Inflatable Ride Surface

The FlowCurl uses our newest surface technology, the inflatable ride surface, for pillow-soft wipeouts. Compare it to landing on a giant sofa.

Multiple Footprint Options

There are three sizing options for the FlowCurl – three pumps, four pumps, or five pumps.  For context the FlowRider Double is two pumps.  This range of sizes accommodates mid-size and larger venues looking to add some thrill.