LatiTube Specifications


75-85 Db


W 11.7 m (38.5 ft) x L 8.25 m (27 ft)

Tank Volume

128,000 L (33,700 Gal)


380 Amps @ 290 kW/hr, 3 phase

Easy to Ride

When riding the LatiTube, guests begin on a water-free ride surface as the operator gradually increases the flow of water. The intensity is customizable for each guest, perfect to appeal to a large demographic.

Fantastic Photos

Most people never get to experience being tubed, let alone get a photo of it. The LatiTube creates a visually spectacular tube that builds around riders, allowing guests of all skill levels to get tubed and capture highly shareable photos in the tube!

Flexible Nozzle Surface

Unlike the classic FlowRider models, LatiTube’s surface is covered in tiny nozzles which creates a unique flow. This allows ride operators to be in full control, while instructors can even walk on the ride surface during operation to assist guests.