FlowSurf Specifications

Ride Surface



W 8.9 m (29.2 ft) x L 23.9 m (78.5 ft)


480 Amps @ 360 kW/hr, 3 phase

Tank Volume

215,000 L (813,863 Gal)

Deep Water Ride Surface

FlowSurf is our very first wave with the ultimate ride surface – water. Inspired by the Waimea River Wave, this stationary wave allows guests to rip on silky-smooth, rippable water that’s just like a real river wave.

Real Surfboards

Beginners can learn to shred and true surfers can amp up their skill on the FlowSurf. While a deep flow wave doesn’t give you the experience of reading the ocean and paddling for a wave, guests will flock to get that feeling of shredding a river wave.

Surf Park Perfection

FlowSurf is perfect for venues without the space for a wave pool or for surf venues that want to give guests the unique river wave experience. Even surrounded by perfect waves in Hawaii, there’s a reason people flock to the Waimea River Wave!