The World Flowboarding Championships Wraps Up Flow Tour 2023

The 2023 Flow Tour season has indeed been an incredible journey, culminating in a spectacular showcase at the World Flowboarding Championships held at the iconic Epic Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas. This season has undeniably seen an extraordinary display of talent and fierce competition, with flowboarders from across the globe leaving it all on the waves. The dedication of these athletes has been nothing short of remarkable, and it’s evident that flowboarding is on the rise, drawing more fans and riders into its exciting orbit.

The choice of Epic Indoor Waterpark as the host for the World Flowboarding Championships was nothing short of perfect. The city of Grand Prairie came alive with the event, drawing an impressive crowd of 10,000 spectators who were treated not only to thrilling flowboarding action but also to the beats of live music, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Event activations and the tempting aroma of local cuisine added to the sensory delight, making this event about more than just the sport; it was a complete entertainment experience.

The championship itself was a battle of titans, featuring multiple divisions including Pro Men, Pro Women, Open, Masters, Junior, and Youth. The intensity of the competition was palpable, and the riders’ skill and determination were truly awe-inspiring. As the sun set on the Epic Indoor Waterpark, champions were crowned amidst a grand awards ceremony that left spectators in awe. The event not only celebrated the talent of the riders but also the indomitable spirit of flowboarding.

The 2023 Flow Tour season has proven once again why this sport continues to capture the hearts of both riders and fans worldwide. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and adrenaline, and it promises an even more thrilling future. As we bid adieu to this unforgettable season, we eagerly anticipate what the 2024 Flow Tour season will bring. Until then, let’s keep riding the flow and making waves!

Josh Ornelaz

Flow Tour Director

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