The ultimate success story.

Double the ride, double the fun.

FlowRider Double Specifications

FlowRider Double Top Front View
FlowRider Double Top Front Corner View
FlowRider Double Side View
FlowRider Double Back Corner View
FlowRider Double Top Front View


75-85 Db


W 9.75 m (32 ft) x L 16.25 m (53 ft)

FlowRider Power Symbol


360 Amps @ 180 kW/hr, 3 phase

Tank Volume

160,000 L (42,000 Gal)

Tension Ride Surface

Using our tensioned ride surface, the FlowRider Double’s surface is built like a trampoline for soft falls. Wiping out has never been so fun.

Double the Riders

The FlowRider Double has a larger riding surface than the FlowRider Single, our compact wave. With an inflatable divider in place, 2 guests can ride simultaneously, or the divider can be removed for extra space to shred.

Revenue Opportunities

Any of our standing wave machines turn venues into entertainment hubs. Profitability comes from ride ticket sales, increased food and beverage sales, retail, and repeat ridership.