Our Mission is to Consistently Improve the Stationary Wave Industry

From product performance and innovation to delivery and service, we provide the best-performing stationary waves in the world. Everything we do revolves around providing the client and your valued guests the most enjoyable experience possible.

In our never-ending quest for soft landings, we implemented the drop-stitch ride surface. With durable, inflatable technology, wiping out on this surface is like landing on a large sofa. This patented technology is used on select FlowRider® models including WaveOz™, FlowRider Triple, FlowRider Edge, and the FlowRider Mobile.

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Ride Surface

The inflatable divider is a risk-minimizing, patented barrier that allows multiple patrons to use the wave at the same time without running into each other. It is easy to set up and easy to remove, so you have the option to use it depending on venue capacity. This solution allows venues to increase the ride time and wave capacity for guests while eliminating dangerous cables and wires.

Ride Divider

Our tensioned fabric ride surface has been the cornerstone of our success, putting guest safety first. This game-changing technology absorbs impact for softer falls compared to landing on foam and concrete. G-Force testing and independent lab testing shows that a fall from one foot on foam is comparable to a fall from six feet on tensioned fabric. This ride surface is incredibly durable and resilient, standing the test of time.

Tensioned Fabric
Ride Surface

Nozzle flaps protect your wave’s nozzles, and these allow for reduced footprint and civil works. This part of the ride directs the water from the pump and spreads it over the ride surface, creating the perfectly smooth wave that FlowRider is all about. The flaps immediately close when the ride shuts down to protect the stainless steel nozzles and allow for easier maintenance.

Nozzle Flaps

The max recovery system is the next generation in soft landings. This is the grated padding that guests land on when they wipe out, and it has the added benefit of being incredibly durable and virtually maintenance free.

Max Recovery System

Our modified pump tube intake design allows us to make the water tank much shallower, which means minimal excavation and lower civil works cost. This also means less water and smaller filtration plants, which lowers your mechanical and operating costs.

Shallow Tank Design

By using a variable frequency drive in our electrical control system, we are able to make the flow of water from our pumps adjustable. This saves venues energy and creates a better ride experience because we only use as much power and as much flow of water as needed—no more and no less.

Variable Frequency Drive