Level Up Your Attractions Game

Differentiate with a Skill-Based Attraction
Drive F&B and Retail Revenues
Attract Families and Appeal to Teens
Set Yourself Apart with the Surfing Lifestyle
Drive Repeat Visitation with the Sport of Flowboarding

Differentiate Your Waterpark

Slides, interactive water play, and a wave pool are attractions you can find at every waterpark. A FlowRider will help you stand out from the crowd, and appeal to the real decision maker in the family – the tricky teen! If you don’t have a FlowRider to keep the teens busy and happy for hours, you could easily lose out on the whole family visiting your park.

Add the SoCal Lifestyle to Your Venue

Surfing, hanging out with friends, and enjoying good food are some of the key elements of what makes Southern California so great. Whether your park is in Brazil or Boston, the FlowRider surf machine allows you to set up a little piece of paradise with an exciting surf-like experience for your surf-hungry guests.

Photo credit: Waterbom Bali

Entertain Spectators and Drive F&B Revenue Up

A big part of the FlowRider experience is simply watching – seriously.  Flowboarding is an impressive skill that people want to show off, so it’s typical for flowboarders to bring friends along when they visit the wave.  When the wave is next to food and beverage, it gives spectators the perfect place to hang out and spend money at nearby concessions. Everybody wins!

Bring An Entire Sport to Your Guests

Flowboarding is an exciting skill that will bring guests back time after time as the perfect their maneuvers and learn new tricks. And every year from June to October, the official FLOW Tour is on! If you host an event at your park, flowboarders (and their fans) from around the world will flock to your park for a fun, action-packed event. Get ready for the addictive nature of our sport to take hold of your guests.


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