The Ultimate River Surf Experience by FlowRider and Hydrostadium

FlowSurf Lake operates in fresh or salt water, transforming an existing body of water into a surfer’s floating paradise! Not to mention, it creates an unforgettable outdoors experience for both riders and spectators whether watching from the wave deck or the shoreline.

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A licensed product by:



W 14 m (45.9 ft) x
L 19 m (62.3 ft)

Ride Surface



450,000 L
(119,000 Gal)


230 – 300 kW/hr

Less Is More

‘Less is more’ is the motto driving the technology behind our waves. With water and energy consumption becoming more important than ever, we’re proud to say that we lead in the industry with the lowest numbers in both categories. In addition to the reduced environmental impact, it also results in minimized OPEX costs.

Seriously Smooth

FlowSurf is a stationary wave in a league of its own. Using patented technology, we have achieved a silky-smooth flow instead of a wave face that’s turbulent and rough. Ripping on this wave, your surfboard will feel like a knife cutting through soft butter.

The Power of Partnerships

Alongside Hydrostadium, subsidiary of EDF and experts in energy and fluid dynamics, we’ve fostered a partnership that is fueled by a deep-rooted love for board sports and the surf lifestyle. When choosing FlowSurf, you are partnering with two global leaders that have your back no matter what.