FlowRider Wave In A Box


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The FlowRider® Wave in a Box (WIAB) gives you everything the regular FlowRider does minus most of the civil works. The attraction is self contained, so throw it on a roof (which we’ve done), in an existing building (done that too) or anywhere else you can’t, or prefer not to, dig.

Product Detail

  • Dimensions

    W 9.15 m (30 ft) x
    L 15.25 m (50 ft)

  • Capacity

    240-480 Rides/Hour

  • Operating Weight

    94,000 kg (207,200 lbs)

  • Tank Volume

    60,500 L (16,000 Gal)

  • Power Consumption

    360 Amps @ 180 kW/hr

  • Energy Absorption

    32 Gs @ 28.7 msec
    45.5" Drop Height

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“Guests rebook with us all the time because of the FlowRider®. I especially love seeing the kids’ riding skills progress each time they come back to stay with us.”

Mateo Hernandez, Head Flow Pro

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“The FlowRider® is a fantastic attraction and activity to share with friends & family. The wave has made Surf Lounge Ibiza the “family friendly” hotspot on the island.”

Ramon Casanova, Owner

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“At Aquatopia we have adrenaline-inducing waterslides for the whole family, however the FlowRider® is a stand-out attraction for guests of all ages. We have one built at the entrance to the indoor waterpark and one at Camelbeach, our outdoor waterpark too. These two attractions truly make our guests re-book at Camelback Resort.”

Brian Czarnecki, VP of Sales & Marketing

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“It’s easy for families to enjoy the center and the FlowRider® certainly helps get our local teens interested. We like to brag that we have Utah’s coolest aquatic center! And, on the days that we host the FLOW Tour everyone has so much fun!”

Alan Walker, Aquatics Manager

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“Hosting FLOW Tour events is a great platform for us to not only increase awareness for our new FlowRider® attraction, but also encourages flowboarders from around the world to visit our venue bringing truly unique entertainment to our guests.”

Niko Nickolaou, Director of Special Events & Entertainment

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“With the FlowRider®, we can offer fun to everyone – day and night! We are extremely busy with birthday parties, corporate parties and fun beach-themed parties centered around the wave all year long.”

J.F. Desrochers, Owner

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“We had one of the busiest summers on record at the Boca Resort simply because of the addition of the FlowRider®!”

Richard Hayduk, President

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“The FlowRider® offers a fantastic revenue stream to our business. It fits very well with our other offerings and it’s a key part of our overall business moving forward.”

Damien Trujillo, CEO

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“The FlowRider® satisfies a totally different sensory experience than the other attractions we have. Not only is it fun for the riders but also for the spectators.”

Sayan Gulino, Waterbom Balil

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“Since installing the wave, we have seen a constant uptick in teens and young adults coming around. Having the FLOW Tour here every year is a total bonus too!”

Robert Serviss, Aquatics Operations Manager

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“We are so proud to have The Strip’s first-ever FlowRider®! With DJs, day beds, FLOW Tour contests and awesome views, our guests couldn’t ask for anything more!”

Aaron Rodriguez, General Manager

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“The FlowRider® is the cornerstone of the surf house concept. We needed a show stopper that would bring people off the streets and into our venue…the FlowRider did just that.”

Janne Miikkulainen, Owner

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“The FlowRider® is an integral part of our attraction mix. It is a key ride for families with teens and the spectator appeal, tied in with the surrounding F&B services, is an undeniable win!”

Ken Ellis, Co-Owner

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“The FlowRider® makes Pawnee Plunge a really fun place for our locals to host their birthday or corporate parties. The community loves the option of doing something healthy and out of the box.”

Brook Tomka, Aquatics Manager

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“The boardwalk, the bar, the ocean breeze and the constant entertainment from the FlowRider® makes it hard for our guests to leave our property.”

Richard Marin, Pool Experience Manager

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“The FlowRider gets people to the park in the first place and it easily creates a great area for guests to hang out all day!”

Jody Kneupper, General Manager

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“We have some cool attractions at our waterpark, but the FlowRider® takes the cake. Not only is it fun for everyone, it actually generates revenue for our Parks & Rec department.”

Eric Mehl, Aquatics Manager

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“I was absolutely delighted to see the look on my guests’ faces on opening night. There is no doubt that the FlowRider® will have a huge impact on our operations.”

Miguel Ricart, Developer & Owner