A Perfect 10: NMB RV Resort’s First Ever FLOW Tour Event

The North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Drydock recently transformed into a hub of excitement as it welcomed the flowboarding community for its inaugural USA Flow Tour stop. This two-day event marked a significant milestone for both local riders and enthusiasts from all corners of the United States. The event wasn’t just about competition; it was an opportunity for families and friends to come together, enjoy the coastal atmosphere, and create lasting memories.

The atmosphere was electric as riders, ranging from the youthful novices to seasoned professionals, converged. A huge shout out to the OBX community as they stormed PRIME Stop #3 with riders in all divisions from Youth, Junior, Women’s, Men’s, Masters, and Pro! 

The resort’s prime RV spots added an element of convenience, allowing families to immerse themselves in the festivities while enjoying the comforts of home. Throughout the weekend, the North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and drydock embraced the spirit of competition and camaraderie. However, the event was more than just flowboarding. The venue transformed into a haven of entertainment, offering a diverse range of activities for everyone. Attendees were treated to live music, great food, basketball, pickleball, and a rock wall.

Kirk Hanna, the visionary owner for the resort, along with his devoted family, played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success. The unwavering support for the flowboarding community was evident from day one before the FlowRider was ever built. Kirk’s sentiment about watching his boys compete encapsulated the essence of the event: a celebration of both sport and family.

As the USA Flow Tour stop concluded, the North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Drydock had etched its name onto the flowboarding map. The event marked the beginning of what promises to be a legacy of incredible riding experience on these waves for years to come. Flowboarding families found a new destination where their passion could flourish, and the hospitality offered by the resort was truly exceptional!

Now that the season has ended, I can’t wait to see everyone at Riversport OKC for Nationals and at Epic Waters for WFC 2023. A big thank you to all the families and athletes for making Flow Tour 2023 such a memorable summer.  

Flow Tour Director – Josh Ornelaz