FlowRider, Inc. is an amalgamation of technology, people and history. A rich history, which started over 30 years ago with a small idea by Tom Lochtefeld – that by shooting water up a ramp (in his bathtub!) he could simulate the barrel of our favorite wave in La Jolla – Big Rock (image left). That small idea grew into a global wave riding experience. He always said “the goal is to bring the thrill of riding a wave to anyone, anywhere in the world.” That goal has been, and still is, our guiding light.

If success is gauged by FlowRider being the most successful simulated surfing experience, then so be it. We prefer to think of it as delivering fun! Our owner up North, Geoff Chutter, allowed us to continue to pursue these goals thru the acquisition of the brand and technology in late 2012. While some of us are still around, everyone that joins our small team in San Diego shares the same passion that we all have. That passion is for health, the business, and for fun, and that same passion extends to our service mentality. With no service there is no FlowRider, as aside from our technology, it is what really separates us from……everyone. I will stack up this team against anyone, yet we strive to have fun each day in our jobs, and we strive to create fun experiences for our customers and their valued patrons.

I once told Geoff, “When I can’t have fun anymore, I quit!” Well Geoff, I am still enjoying the ride, and having fun every step of the way, and really, isn’t that what life should be about? If you want to enjoy the ride, our ride, and bring some fun to your venue, please give us a call. I am positive we can help you out.


FlowRider, Inc.






Our goal is, and always will be, to development honorable relationships with our suppliers, specifiers, and our valued customers and their patrons. We want them to know we are there for them every step of the way. From Specifiers like WTI and Cloward H2O, management groups like American Resort Management, suppliers such as Xylem, the shipyards and lastly our enduring customers including Royal Caribbean Int’l, Marriot, Surf House, Westin, and Vinny! This is what makes our life fun. Dealing with those who enjoy relationships. Be one of those!!


We made a promise long ago to keep the sport going. It has been tough. Notice how many sports made it through Covid? Empty arenas, stadiums, and venues.  Not many FlowRiders were operating last year as well – so no where to compete.  Time to restart – the flowboarding community is a grass roots group that has endured from the start. And, will continue to do so as we run a series of  Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW) events for the sporting community in 2021.


Want the latest in gear? Boards, rash guards, towels, etc…? We created flowridershop.com to serve the community. To enable the flowboarders of the world to have an online, one stop shop. But, if you are a venue, we have a wholesale portal as well. Make it easy on yourself, just go and check it out and order away for your favorite products. Or, if you are old school, our phones still work, and you will get a live body!