Make Waves in Your Community with a FlowRider®

Book Community & Private Events
Drive F&B and Retail Revenues
Attract Families & Teens to Build a New Skill
Bring the Surf Lifestyle to Your Town
Host FLOW Tour Competitions & Build a Sport

Bring the Community to Your Venue

It’s a major bonus when a single attraction can attract and engage an entire family. Riders only need to be 42″ to ride the FlowRider, so it’s great for kids, adults, and anyone in between. Everyone will want to try it at least once, and once people ride for the first time, they’ll be hooked on your wave and your venue!

Step Into the New Age of Aquatic Centers

Aquatic centers across the world no longer follow the “check-in, take swim lesson, check out” model. This is great for kids learning to swim or people who like to swim for exercise, but many centers offer more exciting, action-based attractions to appeal to a wider demographic. The FlowRider is certainly exciting and will automatically catapult your center into the new aquatic age.

Create New Revenue Streams

Creating private events, elite membership options, cool contests, and FLOW Leagues are just a few revenue-generating ideas that revolve around your FlowRider. With this kind of versatility, revenue can come from any and all angles to help you offset the operating costs of your entire facility!

Fun Local Activities For Fun Locals

Sure, Synchronized Swimming and Toddler Tumble Time are worthy of your community center’s activities list, but let’s remember the other folks (mostly hard-to-please teens) that want to do something more extreme. Flowboarding pleases even the toughest of crowds, and most importantly, gives your community an incredible new skill that brings people together.


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