FlowRider Answers Questions

Is Flow House™ a Franchise?

No.  FlowRider, Inc. is a manufacturer of rad surfing simulator machines.  We help create visions of amazing, surfy places to hang out – we make dreams come true.  Check out this video about the Flow House or Stand Alone concept.

How much does a FlowRider® cost?

Our products range from $450,000 to $5,000,000++ USD.  Check out all of our attractions to figure out which wave you want and then contact us.  We can get you more information fast and get you closer to your vision!

How long does it take to install?

From signed contract to commissioning, approximately 6 months.  We can always accelerate if necessary.

Can the FlowRider be installed indoors?

Yes, there are FlowRiders installed in many indoor waterparks, shopping malls, surf shops and stand alone venues. However, it is important to remember that a very substantial Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system will be required. The size and/or amount of systems required will vary depending on local law(s) and building requirements.

Can the water be heated?

Ya, no problem!  Heat that water! The whole system, along with the treatment of the water, should be performed by a local contractor though. Most likely a certified pool expert.

Does FlowRider, Inc. sell wave pools?

Yes! Well, our parent company WhiteWater West does…Check it out here – https://endlesssurf.com/

What is the lifespan of a FlowRider?

The first FlowRider was installed in 1991 at Schlitterbahn in Texas – the same year that Madonna, Michael Bolton & Mariah Carey were getting all the radio air time, so… quite a while ago! Anyway, that FlowRider is still up and running successfully. Since then we have built 200+ surf simulators everywhere from private islands in the UAE to the popular hotel properties like Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona, Marriott’s magnificent Gaylord Palms hotel and waterpark near Orlando, and Margaritaville, also in Florida.

Can I put one of these in my backyard?

Sure! There are a handful of private residences with their own FlowRiders. Let’s figure it out – what’s your budget? The least expensive FlowRider model is ~$450,000 USD.  Contact us for more info if you want to be the envy of the neighborhood.  The markets where FlowRider surf machines render the most revenue and create successful (and fun!) businesses are Hotels & Resorts, Waterparks, Stand-Alone and Municipalities. The types of venues include surf shops, well-known hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, city-owned recreation centers, private residences, and shopping malls.

Can I move my FlowRider around to different locations?

Yes. Well, technically. The FlowRider Wave in a Box models are turn-key and self contained units. These models can be moved if necessary. It would take many days and a lot of man power, but it can be done. We are here to talk you through it and help along the way. Contact us for more info!

What makes the FlowRider different from all other waterpark attractions?

Skill is not a requirement for most waterpark rides. There is no learning curve, or challenge, to going down a slide. Although it is thrilling, over time, the excitement diminishes.

Riding a FlowRider takes skill, balance and most importantly, practice. The adrenaline rush of becoming a better flowboarder with every try inspires patrons to achieve a never-ending cycle of skill-based reward. That learning curve takes time and dedication, thereby increasing rider visitations and loyalty. This is the whole concept behind “Thrill vs. Skill."  Eliminate your thrill fatigue, and get hooked on our board sport!

What do you mean “Stand-Alone?”

FlowRider surf simulator + amazing restaurant & bar + retail = Stand Alone Venue. No matter where you are in the world, you can create a business that has the FlowRider as the “centerpiece” and acts as the main driver, the main entertainment. Guests will crave the Southern California lifestyle you create for them; it will be the ultimate hang out spot. And then you get to LOVE what you do for work!

Where is the perfect place for a Stand Alone venue?

Almost anywhere! It can be as close or as far away from the ocean as you want. What you really need is a population with the right demographics, and some good traffic. Remember though, the first three rules of real estate apply here – Location, Location and third, Location!  Click here to get some more in-depth information and guidance on how to build an epic gathering place that will appeal to tourists and locals alike in your neck of the woods.

How much power does the FlowRider use?

It varies across all of our products, but the FlowRider Compact and FlowRider Single use 90kW/hr and the FlowRider Double uses 180kW/hr.  Operational cost is calculated by multiplying local electrical costs by kW/hour used.

Is the FlowRider safe?

Yes. The FlowRider’s waveform is a proprietary tensioned ride surface.  It is similar to a trampoline and designed to absorb the energy of impacts.  Flowboarders may wipe out, but they’ll get back up again and again and again. We also have a next generation of safe ride surfaces in our proprietary inflatable ride surface found on the WaveOz™!

Another element of the ride is called Max Recovery System. This was invented to outfit the recovery/runout zones of FlowRiders.  When novices and pros inevitably wipe out, not only is the ride surface going to support the fall but so will the recovery areas.  Email Zak Tolli (zak@flowrider.com) if you currently own a FlowRider and want to inquire about updates or a refurbishment for your ride.

What is the capacity of the FlowRider?

There are two types of capacities: Active Capacity and Passive Capacity.

Active Capacity: The FlowRider has an average capacity of 160 rides per hour. The FlowRider Double (with the inflatable divider in place; two lanes) can accommodate approximately 320 rides per hour.  For its size, the FlowRider is considered a high capacity ride.

Passive Capacity: Spectators love watching people ride the FlowRider, including the pratfalls of the inexperienced and the kickflips of the pros. The entertainment value of this attraction makes it the perfect anchor for alternative revenue sources like food and beverage, retail products, sponsorship opportunities, and corporate and competitive events.

That is a lot of rides (and revenue)! How do I reach that capacity?

The ride session format is the operator’s choice, but we recommend, for the FlowRider Double, to have a group of 12-15 people line up on one walkway and “share" the wave for 1 hour.  During that hour, with the divider in place, 2 patrons can ride at once.  As soon as someone’s turn is over, the lifeguard leads the next patron to the newly open lane.  And around and around they go.

When that group’s hour is up, the next group steps in – after they all sign the participation waiver, of course.

Why was I not allowed to stand-up ride on the FlowRider at the waterpark this weekend?

Every venue has their own set of rules, so please follow those.  However we encourage our clients (those venue owners) to adopt into their rule book the following: Stand-up riding is permitted if the patron A) signs the official FlowRider® Voluntary Acknowledgement of Risks, Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement and B) has once before ridden the FlowRider in the prone position (a.k.a. bodyboarded on a FlowRider machine previously).

I am getting so good at this, where can I buy my own gear?

Anything and everything you need to own to become a true flowboarder you can find on www.flowridershop.com!

If you just cannot decide or need some guidance, we have an excellent Retail Manager named Jake (jake@flowrider.com).  He is knowledgeable, decently funny and is ready for your phone call should you need help.