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FlowRider Services

FlowRider is the leading manufacture in surf machine technology and with over 180 installations (and counting) worldwide we proudly produce the best wave simulators on the market.

The FlowRider® is very unique but just like anything, occasionally it will need some service and support over the years.

So, when it comes to maintenance, repairs and protecting your investment…Why go anywhere else?

It’s like taking your imported car in for service – are you going to trust a mechanic in a back alley or take it to the authorized dealer? Sounds like a no brainer to us.

Over the years, FlowRider has provided the best wave riding machines, with top notch services, and will continue to do so in all areas as we strive for perfection. FlowRider Inc. has the people on board that have been selling and maintaining your FlowRider Sheet wave from the beginning.

Flow Services boasts 20 years of originality and market leadership but we also have access to the original ride designs and the backing of the largest waterpark supplier in the world, WhiteWater West Industries.

Whether it is your old nozzle flap that needs replacing, or assistance with your ride surface maintenance, we are the one stop shop to FlowRider support. Whatever the job may be, we are the leaders in the industry and will leave you with a ‘WOW’ impression.

It is important to update your ride with the latest technology and improve the durability and performance of your attraction. Our Flow Services team will rejuvenate your ride by replacing nozzle flaps, refurbish side walls, install new ride surfaces, or change out your old recovery systems with our new Pillow Padding™ recovery system.  We highly recommend protecting your investment.

When Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, one of the largest floating hotel chains in the world, wants work done on their FlowRider, who do you think they call and trust? FlowRider, Inc.

Justin Montgomery, Technical Services Manager for Royal Caribbean Cruises said, “We are very pleased to have FlowRider as part of our team here at Royal Caribbean. FlowRider has been loyal and always available when needed, whether it be planned or in emergency situations. We are looking forward to the future with the relationship with FlowRider.”

It is also important to note that when we assist in renovating your wave, the indemnification provisions in your agreement and any remaining warranty will remain intact. This is critical when talking about Flow Services – which is what we are all about.

We are passionate about the waves and the sport of flowboarding; we want your venue to be successful so give our Flow Services Specialist a call!

At FlowRider Inc. we offer a variety of service plans that will help to insure the integrity of your FlowRider.  In addition to the daily inspections that your service crew has been trained to perform, it is also highly recommended that you have a FlowRider service technician take a thorough look at your attraction.  We offer quarterly, semiannual or annual plans to meet your needs.  Once on site our FlowRider certified personnel will review all aspects of your attraction with a multi-point inspection.