FlowRider 2022 Recap: A Year in Review

From new waves and full refurbishments, to brand new products, and even a rebranding, 2022 was an eventful year for the FlowRider family. This year consisted of exciting announcements and endless amounts of hard work across the FlowRider team and all of our amazing partners. Take a look at some of our most notable highlights from 2022.

After Sales

Year after year, our after sales team has been a key part of our commitment to quality and service and 2022 was no exception. This year, the after sales team headed by Zak Tolli and Josh Ornelaz, tackled several large projects. One of the most notable being a full refurbishment of a FlowRider® Double at Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach, Florida. After tens of thousands of riders in over seven years, it was time for one of South Florida’s waves to get the re-up it so deserved. For all things after sales, stay tuned for a deep dive into our team and the refurbishments in the first quarter of the new year!

Before & After Refurbishment

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

2022 marked our 15th year of partnership with Royal Caribbean, and we’re just as excited for the 16th year ahead! This year has consisted of some memorable highlights in our relationship with RCCL.

Our commitment to service goes beyond just refurbishments. In November, our fearless leader Marshall Myrman and after sales team member Josh Ornelaz conducted a safety and operations training aboard the Allure of the Seas. This training was conducted with sports managers of RCCL’s entire fleet and focused on daily operations and revisiting safety policies. Overall, it went exceptionally well, and we’d like to thank RCCL for inviting us onboard!

In other news, one of the most exciting announcements this year was Royal Caribbean’s unveiling of the world’s largest cruise ship, the Icon of the Seas! The Icon of the Seas will be making its debut in January of 2024 with a brand new FlowRider Double! We’re extremely proud of our continued relationship with RCCL and we look forward to the many great milestones to come.

The Icon of the Seas (Render)


July was one of the most anticipated months in 2022. We launched our newest product, FlowSurf! FlowRider has been the industry leader in stationary waves for nearly 30 years and it was finally time to take our game to the next level. Inspired by the infamous Waimea River Wave, FlowSurf is our very first deep-flow wave system meant to mimic the thrill of river surfing. Our drive to make the industry’s leading deep-flow wave machine comes from our passion for surfing. The FlowRider team is made up of life-long surfers, who see FlowSurf as an extension of the surf lifestyle and their love for riding a wave. We’re incredibly excited to be bringing FlowSurf to market. Below you can see one of the many fantastic renderings of the possibilities that FlowSurf brings to the stationary wave industry.

Render of FlowSurf

A New Look

As I am sure you may have noticed, we got a new look in 2022! After a ten plus year stint with our  branding, we decided it was time for a refresh! After several months of careful consideration, we settled on what is now our current branding. While we may have a new look, we’re still the same old FlowRider. Driven by our quality and commitment to service. Our new logo has already made it onto one wave and we can’t wait to put it on many more. FlowRider is a brand of the future and updating our look is just a small part of strengthening ourselves for the road ahead.

New Logo on FlowRider Double

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2023

2023 is slated to be a great year for the FlowRider family. Another Flow Tour, key refurbishments, and some brand new waves are just a few of the 2023 milestones that we are looking forward to. Thank you to the FlowRider team, our partners and flow family for making 2022 an incredible year. As always, let us know if you need anything, we await the pleasure of yet another fantastic year!