The latest addition to the FlowRider quiver, unlike anything else in our product line—meet FlowSurf, the most efficient deep flow stationary wave system backed by quality and service you can trust.

Unlike other FlowRider products, guests use a real surfboard to carve over a deep flow of water for a surf-like experience unlike any other.

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Brought to you by FlowRider® and Hydrostadium®

Even as a leader in stationary waves, we realize that two brains are better than one. That said, we’ve partnered with Hydrostadium, a subsidiary of EDF, one of Europe’s premier experts in energy and fluid dynamics.

“We are very proud of this licensing agreement with FlowRider, the world’s leading player in surf waves. For several years now, Hydrostadium has been investing in and developing a technology that is efficient and consistent in terms of energy consumption, and which enables a surfing experience that is now recognized worldwide. By teaming up with FlowRider, we’ll be able to promote this technology and know-how, while continuing to innovate and continually perfect the technology alongside them.” says Stanislas Lequiller, CEO of Hydrostadium

Together, we’ve created the most efficient deep flow stationary wave system on the market. “Less is more” is a motto of ours and that’s why FlowSurf boasts industry shattering numbers when it comes to power consumption, water usage, and other OPEX savings.


FlowSurf is a stationary wave in a league of its own. Using patented technology, we have achieved a silky-smooth flow instead of a wave face that’s turbulent and rough. Ripping on this wave, your surfboard will feel like a knife cutting through soft butter. With an adjustable wave height, FlowSurf is made for all skill levels to learn or progress their surf skills.


With three products already in our lineup, FlowSurf showcases the largest portfolio of deep flow wave systems. From our flagship in-ground wave to the floating FlowSurf Lake and “diverted” FlowSurf River, we offer a surf experience that is adaptable in nearly any setting.


With FlowSurf, any venue can reap the massive benefits that the surf lifestyle offers.

Revenue comes not just through ticket sales, but also from food & beverage, rentals, retail, private events, lessons, and the list goes on! The only limit to revenue generation with FlowSurf is your imagination.

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