Flowing on into 2021

Sayonara 2020…

Has there ever been a year so widely touted as “the worst ever”? Well, we guess that’s up for debate. The start of the great depression, the peak of WWII, the year an asteroid slammed into the earth and wiped out all the dinosaurs? Yes, historians are actually debating over what year gets the #1 spot. Apparently, the year 536 is up there in “worsts” due to an Icelandic volcanic eruption that engulfed the Earth in fog for nearly a year and a half!

Despite the debate, we are going to declare that 2020 absolutely sucked for a wide variety of reasons (Wow, what an unprecedented claim!). A vast majority of venues within the Flow Family had to shutdown for periods of time, with some still suffering, and that makes us the saddest. The hopes of 2021 have already excited us as we continue to slowly inch toward a sense of normalcy. Hopes of traveling and days at various waterparks, hotels, and other venues with FlowRider® waves are looming within our minds. Along with that, there are many things that we at FlowRider, Inc. are stoked about in the coming year.

What 2020 felt like to us…


Bringing surf to backyards

With the launch of the FlowRider Edge, we have created a personal FlowRider surf machine for those who can fit and afford one for their backyards. With a smaller footprint and collapsible design, the Edge attaches right next to your pool and utilizes the same water and filtration system. Not to mention, when you wipe out, you flow right into your pool! In 2021, installation will be complete on first two waves for a few very lucky individuals. This product has propelled us even further into the residential market, and we are thrilled to see some of the amazing backyard applications. Find out more about the Edge.

Rendering of the Edge within a backyard setting

Enhance your pool days with the FlowRider Edge

FlowRider running deep

In 2021 we expect yet another first for FlowRider – the most advanced deep water surfing wave is coming soon to a venue near you! Like a river wave, you can ride with an actual surfboard – fins included. Our goal for the flow of water on this wave was very specific, as was the target on energy usage. Our engineers surpassed both targets in what we are confident will be the best deep flow stationary wave system to date. Stay tuned for more info on this endeavor!

The comeback of the curl

Another exciting product development comes in the name of risk reduction! We merged portions of the old FlowBarrel design with our patented inflatable ride surface and we came up with FlowCurl™! This attraction will allow guests to ride a peeling curl line without bracing for the inevitable wipe out. We anticipate to completion of the world’s first FlowCurl by mid 2021.

Providing riders with views like this

Proving more value for our customers

We strive to be the industry leader in service and ease of use, things just got easier! We have officially partnered with Mobaro, the leader in the field of leisure, attractions, and sport industry maintenance software. With a platform dedicated to routine maintenance and care of our products, we have revolutionized the need for repairs and makeovers with an awesome little app that is incredible easy to use! Help us, help you – year 1 of the Mobaro subscription is included with your FlowRider purchase! More info coming soon.

Happy 2021 Flow Family!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new year is that 2020 is now behind us. Let’s not even reminisce, but simply look forward to the more positive year that 2021 is already shaping up to be. We hope to see you soon this year at a venue near you and maybe even ride one of our new waves together!

Hopefully we can get together again soon!