Give Your Pool an Edge

In the 90s, when FlowRiders started to hit the market, you would see them mostly in waterpark settings. Fast forward 30 years and now you’ll see these simulated surfing experiences everywhere – hotels, cruise ships, aquatic centers, stand-alone restaurant/bars, and even some backyards. Backyards?! Yes, backyards! In fact, there are 6 privately owned FlowRider waves (and a FlowBarrel™ Ten Double!) scattered around the world, and one more in the middle of the installation process as you read this.

Slowly but surely, we realized that perhaps creating a custom solution for elaborate backyards was worth exploring. Our engineering team went to work with the goal of creating a product for customers with an appetite for a simulated surfing experience in a small footprint in their very own backyard!

Allow us to introduce the FlowRider EDGE!

Just as the name suggests, this product can be situated right on the edge of your pool. It’s a single-lane, one-pump, tight-footprint attraction with our patented inflatable ride surface and side walls. And wipeouts couldn’t be more fun – just flow with the water over the back and splash down right into your swimming pool. It’s like three experiences in one – riding, sliding and swimming.

This wave is safe, fun, and provides an exhilarating ride experience – our design goal has been met! We are excited to be introducing this amazing product, so if you are feeling some of that excitement, and you happen to be designing a very high-budget backyard and you want to have the absolute coolest backyard in the neighborhood, give us a call!