FLOW Tour 2022 Flows on at Solara Resort

The third stop of FLOW Tour 2022 took place on a FlowRider Single at Solara Resorts, meaning PRIME stop this year has taken place on a different type of wave–a Triple, Double, and Single!

We added an awesome twist to this event by adding the game of FLOW (similar to the game of skate, for those familiar) to the last day. Competitors rolled a dice with a variety of tricks and were tasked to perform whatever trick the dice landed on.

This will certainly be a new addition to any FLOW Tour event. We had beginner and intermediate riders trying (and landing) tricks they had never tried before thanks to the help of some pros. It was an epic way for riders to build each other up and improve their skills!

Andy Hasse, Solara Wave Ambassador and Owner of Super Duper Surf, was thrilled with the results from his venue. See below for his comments and event results:

“The sport of flowboarding saw a new surge of energy from Solara Resort. Our single jet FlowRider put on an amazing showcase of skill and talent from 55 competitors. Riders coming as far away as Helsinki, Finland to test their skills again the nation’s best. It was a true honor to host everyone. I cannot thank the competitors enough for traveling and bringing some of the best riding we have ever seen this year. You better believe you will see Solara Resort FlowRider on the US FLOW Tour for many years to come!”