FLOW Tour 2022 Recap: Community Through Competitive Flowboarding

The Flowboarding League of the World (FLOW) season has come to end for 2022 and that means it’s time to recap this year’s epic run of events. To understand FLOW, it’s important to first understand the history and the community making it all possible. 30 years ago an idea was born that would go onto to create a global wave revolution. Alongside the creation of FlowRider® and stationary waves, an entirely new sport was formed. Flowboarding has since evolved into more than just a sport, spawning communities around the world with their shared love for wave riding.

A Platform for Competitive Flowboarding

The flowboarding community is a tight knit group of individuals all sharing their love for the sport. As a unique community centered around a shared experience, flowboarders thrive in competition. The FLOW Tour amplifies the idea of community through competition by hosting a yearly circuit of events where flowboarders come together to compete, showcase their skills, and appreciate the sport they all share a common bond over.

2022 consisted of five total FLOW Tour events. Three Prime events kicked off the start of the tour. The bulk of the years events was made up three Prime events.

Spread over five different regions of the US, it allowed flowboarders from many different FlowRider venues the opportunity to attend and or compete in a FLOW Tour event. For example, the Pro-Am that was hosted in at Surf OKC in Oklahoma City also served as a great opportunity for up-and-comers to get a taste of what competition in the flowboarding world is like.

FlowRider Venues Building Rider Loyalty

Hosting events like this serves as a great way for FlowRider venues to foster community and build a loyal ridership. The generosity of these venues, in serving as hosts for events, is held in high regard among the flowboarding community. By offering their wave as a platform for competition, these venues continue to give back to the sport and the flowboarding community in ways that drive the sport and the lifestyle associated with our stationary waves.

With the average ridership during each competition being 70+, venues gain valuable exposure and increased revenue from flowboarding events. Whether it’s a stand-alone venue or full-scale resort, repeat visitation is a key quality among the flowboarding community. Dedicated riders often seek out FlowRider products, often planning their vacations around them. Leaning into the community aspect of flowboarding is yet another method for venues to boost their revenues via the return ridership that comes from it.

Person doing trick on flowrider surf machine
Moment from the championship event at EPIC Waterpark, Texas

Promoting a Positive Future For the Sport of Flowboarding

It is crucial to understand the impact that flowboarding and its community has on the personal lives of its members. One of the competitors from this year, Jenn Betts, speaks on what the flowboarding community means to her in saying:

“One of the things I love most about participating in FLOW is the community. It’s always so welcoming and supportive. From the time I was brand-new I never felt like I didn’t belong, or wasn’t good enough to compete. I love that competitors cheer for each other and make each other feel good without anyone telling them to. I love that we recognize each other’s accomplishments and encourage each other to get back up when we fall. I love that I can talk to the people at the top of the sport even though I’m relatively new. I mean, it’s not like amateur basketball players get to hang out with Michael Jordan!”

The sentiment that Jenn reflects in her statement is exactly what the FLOW Tour strives to provide for the entire flowboarding community. As we look to the future, FlowRider is committed to using the Tour as an extension of our mission to share our passion for wave riding.

Next year is set to host another FLOW Tour, culminating in the season ending World Flowboarding Chamionship (WFC), with the hopes of continuing to grow this community through competition. More details to come in the next few months, so stay tuned and stay stoked flow family!