Wave & Venue Operations

Is My Project Off to the Right Start or Am I Setting Myself Up for Failure?

We all know that construction projects have the potential to be a real mess (literally and often, financially). There can be unforeseen issues with the site, supply chain issues, stalled or lost deliveries, lack luster communication, weird permitting processes, etc… the list goes on. From the start, if you don’t have the right players hired or enlisted to see the project through, then the closer you are to having a messy project instead of one that runs smoothly. With that said, a true construction effort is indeed required when a waterpark, a hotel, a private residence, a community aquatic center or a stand-alone setting wants to install a stationary surf machine.  

To avoid failure and to allow for the smoothest sailing possible when starting the journey to installing a surf machine at your venue or home, be sure that your suppliers are exemplifying these 5 things. 

  • Expertise 

Find a supplier that has experience in the field. Stationary surf machines are of course a niche product, so it is a must to work with a company that has seen it all, so to speak. This also goes for your team on the ground, meaning your project manager onsite. This will most likely be a special or different kind of project to whichever construction company, pool expert, electrician, or concrete company you hire locally, so be aware that these people will have to adaptable, willing to learn and excited, really.  It also helps if the sales team, ops team, in fact the whole company you hire know how to ride!!  That is commitment! 

  • Collaboration 

You can tell when someone is listening to you or not, right? Find a supplier that listens to what your goals and visions are for your project. Also be prepared to take advice and feedback. This way, true collaboration can take place, design & layout decisions can be reached together to optimize a space which in turn will create a highly trafficked and successful venue. Win, win.  

  • Transparency 

During a construction or building effort, nobody likes surprises. And certainly, nobody enjoys being told a non-truth. If your gut tells you along the way that there may be something amiss or something doesn’t sound right, call it out. If it comes to this, hopefully it’s just a miscommunication. If it’s not, then you will be doing yourself a great service by getting on the same page with your supplier or in an extreme case, cutting ties with them. 

  • Availability 

Entering the contract phase with a supplier is akin to starting and maintaining a new relationship. You better show up, you better be home when you said you were going to be home and you better respond when the other person asks you a question. In the case of building a new surf machine venue together, it’s key to be in constant communication. If either party decides it’s ‘ok’ to put this relationship on the figurative back burner and tend to it whenever they feel like it, there is a problem brewing. Be sure to be respectful and to demand respect as well. 

  • Support 

Ongoing support from your supplier(s) is paramount to your build and your venue’s success. Afterall, they should be the expert that signed up (and is getting paid!) to assist you every step of the way. This is no time to be shy – ask all the questions, ask for help.