Wave & Venue Operations

How Much Electricity Does the
FlowRider Use Per Hour?

Every venue will have a different schedule, number of operating hours, number of pumps they use each session, etc…The way electricity cost is calculated is taking the Kw/H used x local electricity costs. When you are in the feasibility analysis phase of your project, we can help you produce a good plan for usage. We will consider the seasons (peak, shoulder, off), your locale, your local electricity costs, private parties, beginner sessions, etc…). Will the plan that we put together be the exact cost that you will spend annually on electricity? No.  

  • How much power does a pump require? 
  • How much power do we need?  
  • How much water does it use? 
  • What is the weight of a pump?  
  • What’s the water volume? 

When all of the math is done for a FlowRider Double, we are generally in the $25-$30 per hour of electrical cost based upon 180 kw x .15/hr = $27/hr.  The key is knowing what you pay per kw/hr.