Wave & Venue Operations

Do You Provide Venue Operations Consulting?

An interesting question, but yes, we have provided it in the past, in a many different ways. We used to be involved in the operation of Wave House San Diego, and we have several ex-employees from that venue that currently work for us, some of which we have deployed to venues on 30-day assignments to help venues get up and running. 

We also have relationships with several operators, that we can align you with to help you from beginning to end with your operation. This includes everything from venue layout and design to operational infrastructure. These folks are expert in their field and come with a well-deserved fee. 

As FlowRider, Inc. is owned by Whitewater West, we have access to an architectural team that can assist you with design and layout of your venue as well. So the answer is yes, we will find ways to assist you every step of the way!