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The idea for the WaveOz started many years ago, as the conceptual baby of our brilliant sheet wave engineers.  The product was born from a simple stream of water hitting a mound, and was extrapolated into a powerhouse of flowboarding functionality.  WaveOz is the competition wave of the future, as the enormous ride surface is like a liquid canvas on which a multitude of tricks can be performed.  With 187 feet rail to rail on the WaveOz, flowboarders are already carving out new moves that will undoubtedly catapult general ridership and competition to the next level.


Alternative Revenue Streams

alternate revenue streamsThe more ride surface, the more riders.  The more riders, the more spectators.  The more spectators, the more food, beverage, retail and alternative revenue streams that can be garnered.  The WaveOz is the gift that will keep on giving, day after day, year after year.
The goal is revenue generation and WaveOz will deliver.  With the proper planning and sightline analysis, the revenue streams can only be constrained by thinking inside the box – so expand your horizons today!

Technology and Innovation

technologyWe constantly challenge ourselves as a design and engineering group, and we always want to provide solutions to the obvious dilemma of “what is the next great flowboarding product.”  WaveOz is an obvious solution to both the legions of riders looking for a new wave to rip apart, and the venue owner that wants the next great wave to separate themselves from the pack, creating the next great destination to ride.  We love it when we can solve multiple problems with one simple solution – the Wave Oz!  Give the riders what they are asking for – the WaveOz!

Largest potential ride surface in history

large rsWe just continue to think outside the box; it is our nature.  We ask ourselves constantly “why not.”  When you look at the sport of street skating, the WaveOz is the natural partner.  Under competition mode, it will become the standard for major flowboarding competitions, as the enormous ride surface will lead to routines never before seen.

Project Detail

647 m2
6,959 ft2
Grade elevation is adjustable based on site. Assumes front nozzle deck 0 (at grade).
0.8m 2.6ft based off the front nozzle deck.
2.55m (8.37ft)
800,000kg (1,760,000lb) not including concrete
120-960 rides per hour. Up to four riders (max) at a time
630kW @ 861hp
760,000 liters (200,770 gallons)
Note: Weight is less concrete
Attraction Flow Rate

50 hz, 453,670 lpm (119,840 gpm)
60 hz, 516,740 lpm (136,500 gpm)

FlowRider Product Line

  • FlowSurf
    FlowRider Compact
    FlowRider Single
  • FlowRider Double
    FlowRider Mobile
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Single
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Double
  • FlowBarrel Five
    FlowBarrel Ten
    FlowBarrel Ten Double