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FlowRider Double

If you want to purchase the most successful surf simulator in the history of earth, then you need not go past this page. The FlowRider Double is just that, with well over 100 units sold and growing as you read these words of wisdom. The FlowRider Double is one of the safest, most durable products in the industry. Bring the Southern California Surfing Lifestyle to your venue – today.

The Original

OriginalThe FlowRider Double is the ORIGINAL sheet wave, simulated surfing machine. Nothing stands the test of time like an original and we are committed to consistently improving the technology. Since the inception, over 20 years ago, we keep coming up with new, creative ideas to improve on the ORIGINAL! The FlowRider Double is the staple product for over half a dozen Flow House venues around the globe, providing many happy returns on your investment.


ROIThe FlowRider Double is the most sought after simulated surfing experience in history.  Aside from the experience though, it will also double your revenue and your capacity by using our patented FlowFence, which creates two lanes for riders.  Take the FlowFence out to make way for competitions and private sessions.  Create ancillary revenue streams by integrating food, beverage, retail, and entertainment. Think outside the box and use your imagination – like us! Your FlowRider has revenue generation written all over it!

Riding Area

Ride AreaEngage the entire 59 sq meters (630 sq ft) of available carving space.  Add 240 horses of power and you have a sensational combination of speed, power and ride surface.  Dig in, lay it down, and charge! Don’t just take our word for it – ask any client that owns one.  Find out why the FlowRider is the Coke, Kleenex and Xerox of the sheet wave industry.  Explore, ride, and decide for yourself.

Flow House

Flow HouseThe FlowRider Double is the staple product for Flow House or any stand-alone venue.  It is the wave that gives you multiple revenue streams in its’ own right, allowing it to be split right down the middle to double the number of riders.  When the amount of riders doubles, the amount of spectators usually doubles as well. When the wave is movin’and the music is pumpin’ people are bound to dwell. The more dwell time, the more dollars spent!

Thrill vs. Skill – The Sport

28_IMG_4018If you are a fan of the FlowRider, then you most likely understand the concept of thrill vs. skill.  In short, it encompasses the learning curve concept of the FlowRider and the fact that there will always be the thrill, even as you master the product.  You will not experience “thrill fatigue” on a FlowRider Double, which is the primary wave for all FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) events around the world.  It is for the growing legions of flowboarding fanatics that we have launched flowboarders.com – the primary social media site for all things relating to flowboarding.

Project Detail

FlowRider Double
Width 9.04m (29.67') x Length 15.85m (52')
1m (3’3”) minimum
Grade elevation is adjustable based
on site - Assumes front nozzle deck 0
(at grade)
1.2 m (4’)
1.1m (3.5’)
320 - 480 rides per hour
Divider can be removed with ease
238,700kg (530,500lbs)
1,482 kg per sq.m(310lbs per sq/ft)
Note: Weight is less concrete
160,000 liters (42,200 US gallons)
180kW @ 240hp

FlowRider Product Line

  • FlowSurf
    FlowRider Compact
    FlowRider Single
  • FlowRider Double
    FlowRider Mobile
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Single
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Double
  • FlowBarrel Five
    FlowBarrel Ten
    FlowBarrel Ten Double