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Flow House Ideals



The Flow House is always looking to partner with like minded individuals and business owners who wish to share the thrill of surfing with their guests and create a venue that epitomizes the California beach lifestyle and culture.

The Flow House is a new, unique opportunity that will set your development apart from the world of Applebee’s® and McDonalds®. Consumers are hungry for something fresh and the Flow House is a freshly plucked tomato in a world of rotten potatoes!

Flow House is party central!

Return On Investment

Combining great food and beverage is the key to your success!


When all the fun and games are over the real excitement begins; whether it is the click of the cash register or the swipe of a credit card, the Flow House is built on revenue generation. It was born out of the idea that five is better than four, which is certainly better than one. The Flow House is a combination of five major revenue generators:

1. Food
2. Beverage
3. Retail
4. Events
5. Ride Ticket Sales

These money makers all feed into the same pool. They are cohesive and complimentary and in many instances these elements can stand on their own. When combined, they feed off of each other to increase dwell time and generate more revenue, while the shared elements of staffing, building space and facilities all keep the costs down.

Choosing a Site

Passive capacity will have you serving faster!


There are several important elements to consider when looking at a potential location:

Population Base – Are there enough people in the area to support your business? For example, is the location in the heart of a thriving downtown shopping district, or along a busy freeway? There needs to be enough people who live in the area, or pass through the area on a regular basis, to keep you busy. To determine the population base of a particular area, you can do a Feasibility Study. You can also use a circle graph, as well as asking the local chamber of commerce for more information.

Parking – Will there be enough parking to accommodate all your guests? Ideally, a new Flow House should have its own parking lot. If that isn’t an option, is there public parking near the location?

Accessibility – There’s a reason that major restaurant chains are often located near highway and freeway exits: It makes them accessible for customers. Motorists can reach the restaurant without fighting traffic or driving out of their way. Make sure that your Flow House is easy to find.

Visibility – This goes along with accessibility, and is very important for a new location. People have to know the Flow House is there. This is why property prices in downtown districts and developed strips are higher than other areas. They offer a level of visibility that can bring in a great deal of walk-in business.

Size – Will the site handle the projected amount of customers you are planning on having?

Price – Make sure the price of the site or lease amount fits your budget or you may just be buying a lot of work with no pay.

Condition of the site – How much money will it take to build there or if it is an existing building, how much money will it take to remodel, upgrade, or repair?

It’s important to address all these elements when you sit down to draft your business plan. In addition, by understanding each of these aspects, you can better choose the right location for your Flow House.

Key Concepts


Skill vs Thrill: Most water rides are thrill based rides. No skill is required and no reward or accomplishment is earned. The more you ride a thrill ride, the less thrilling it becomes, this is called thrill fatigue. FlowRider’s skill based rides are the antidote to thrill fatigue. The adrenaline rush of successful challenges met, inspires riders to achieve a never ending cycle of skill based reward, thereby increasing visitation and loyalty.

The FlowRider focuses on the end-user and their individual sporting pursuits: The three fastest-growing sports – surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding – are all board sports. Through the invention of the FlowRider and its patented sheet wave technology, FlowRider has pioneered the creation of the ultimate cross-platform board sport of “Flowboarding.” Flowboarding is a sport that appeals to all board sport participants along with other Xtreme sport enthusiasts.

Desire for Experiences: Consumers and sports enthusiasts worldwide want an “experience.” They want to be challenged. FlowRider sheet waves afford riders the opportunity to learn a variety of board sport skills while enjoying a great core strengthening workout.

Pervasive Influence of Surf Culture: With its own language, fashion, music, art, film and lifestyle, the pull of surfing transcends geographies, economies and religions. The FlowRider captures surfing’s allure and engenders an emotional appeal to consumers worldwide.

Rise of Social Media: It’s almost as fun to watch as it is to ride yourself. This shared social phenomenon makes the FlowRider the perfect setting for photos, live video streams, and riders first hand blogging about their experience with flowboarding and Flow House. Uploads, shares, and postings of photos and video on various social media sites generate product awareness while promoting the sport of flowboarding and the Flow House ideology.

Market Differentiator: Our sheet waves give you the competitive advantage! We posed the following question to Royal Caribbean International – “Why did you install 7 FlowRider’s on 5 of your biggest ships?” The answer was simple – “We wanted something to set us apart from our competitors and the FlowRider did just that.” This is a fairly common response to the question of “Why a FlowRider?”

Seeing people surf a perfect wave, only feet away from a crowd of enthusiastic spectators, is the motive that drives our customers.

The FlowRider® will inspire you to achieve a never ending cycle of skill based reward.
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