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Zak is Back!

After a brief sabbatical, Zak Tolli has returned to the business he grew up in – the business of FlowRider, Inc.  Zak’s mission, should he decide to accept it (well, he actually already has), is to make sure that every single client of ours is happy with their wave, and to make sure that the wave is delivering the stoke and fun to flowboarding enthusiasts all over planet earth (the other planets don’t quite have the demographics we are looking for!).  After all, we consider ourselves fun brokers – we have fun while we work, while we play, and we try our hardest to transfer that joy right on down to our customers and their clients, the paying customers.

Zak has a unique skill set in that he knows each and every wave, built many of them, has refurbished more of them than anyone alive, knows the nuances and differences, and he can help you spiff up your FlowRider® so that it is looking as good as new.  The industry knows this as After Sales, we call it FlowRider Services.  With over 200 FlowRiders operating, the task is massive.  When FlowRider owners need assistance, they must ask themselves – do I really want to trust the refurbishment of my FlowRider surf simulator to a company(s) that didn’t build it, that isn’t fully vested in it, that could care less about the brand of FlowRider, and that are just looking at it in terms of making a quick buck?  Or do you want someone who really cares about you, your wave, and its future?  Not just how it performs today or tomorrow, but 1, 2 or 5 years from now.  You know we will be here, as we have been right from the start.

This is where Zak and the support of FlowRider, Inc. enters the picture.  Nobody can provide the service and support that we do – it’s our passion, it’s in our DNA.  The people in our business have been in the business for years.  As embryonic as the sheet wave industry seems to be, many of our employees have been involved well over ten years.  It isn’t just our job, it is our life.  If you, the venue are unhappy, then we are equally unhappy.  You are the life blood that keeps us powering forward.  It is this undying passion that drives us, Zak has that passion too and delivers it every day.  I means the world to him to be back with with his “FLOW” family and friends.  He is stoked to be back and so are we.  Let him share the stoke with you.   Zak’s does have a few other passions besides work (I can’t believe I just said that!) and those other passions include surfing, flowboarding, ice hockey, running,  “skinny” snowboarding and camping in Baja with his beautiful, very new wife.

Welcome back, Zak!  Yes folks, Zak is living the true So Cal Flow Dream!!!  And so are we, and we want you to be!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about your FlowRider surf machine, contact Zak – Zak@flowrider.com.

See Ya On The Wave!