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Year-Round Beach Coming to Finland

Finland’s temperature occasionally plummets to -15° F (-26° C) in the middle of January, but that doesn’t mean the country can’t get a new FlowRider­® Double surf simulator!  Come Fall 2019, beach weather will be available year-round at the Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, Finland.  This is a massive project that will include a subterranean (yes, underground) stand alone FlowRider venue with beach volleyball courts, food & beverage and an atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re hanging out at the beach.

When you think of a mall, you most likely think of how malls were in the 20th century.  Mall of Tripla will be way more 21st century in that it’s truly mixed-use and unlike any other development in the world.  It will perfectly cater to the bustling capitol with not only its FlowRider venue, the adjacent transportation hub that will have 900 trains, 850 buses and 400 trams cruising through per DAY, but also with its growing food and retailers list.  A perfect combination of world class and trendy shopping for all visitors is in the plans.  Students and small business owners will also have cool shared spaces to study, hang out, eat, mingle and play.

FlowRider, Inc. along with the growing base of flowboarding fanatics worldwide is pumped for this new wave!  We are looking forward to bringing the Southern California lifestyle to Helsinki and hearing accounts of locals and visitors talking about how they “surfed” in Finland!  It will be a truly unique and cool experience.

We will keep you posted with updates, but in the meantime, click here for some more info from the Finnish developers.

See Ya On the Wave!