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World’s Only WaveOz Turns One!

Thermas dos Laranjais in Olímpia, Brazil is home to the world’s only WaveOz™.  The locals endearingly call it SURF MASTER!  We’ll go with that – sounds pretty bada**.

Since the ribbon cutting ceremony a year ago, the park has jumped up to THE best amusement park in Brazil according to Trip Advisor.  The park offers over 25 attractions that appeal to the entire family.  Everything from mellow rides & slides for young kids to a relaxing pool for the guests that aren’t up for waves, thrills and shrieking children to of course the SURF MASTER.

The top of the ride, rail to rail, spans 187 feet.  There are 7 pumps that circulate 200,770 gallons of water over the entirely inflatable ride surface.  There can be up to 4 lanes for 4 riders to experience the thrill of surfing simultaneously.  This is FlowRider’s most enormous attraction in the product line.  Because the ride surface is so big, flowboarders can really pump and “ride down the line” just like when a surfer is riding a real ocean wave.

Not only is the WaveOz exciting for first-time riders, but the potential for competitions and professional showcases is insane.  We obviously realize this and so do other people across the world – there are 3 more WaveOz surf simulators in the works as you read this.  We can’t reveal who those smart people/venues are, but you will know soon, FlowRider Friends.


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