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World’s first Cartoon Network Studios themed waterpark features the FlowRider

Thailand will always be home to the world’s first Cartoon Network Studios themed waterpark!  It’s the ultimate family entertainment venue where you can surf and hang ten with your favorite Cartoon Network characters!

Located in stunning Bang Saray, Thailand, in the outskirts of Pattaya this waterpark has become the top destination in the Asia Pacific for those who love adventure.

Since opening in 2014, this waterpark has made a huge splash throughout Thailand and will continue to keep things extra cool through 2015.

Power up with Ben 10 on all-new high-speed water rollercoasters, or go vertical with Jake from Adventure Time. Hang out with your buddies Gumball, Darwin and The PowerPuff Girls at Cartoonival, the world’s largest aqua playground, with over 150 water features!  If you don’t recognize those character names, believe us, your kids will!

For all the Flowboarders out there, get ready to enter the flowtastic world of your favorite Cartoon Network characters because at the heart of the fun, there’s a FlowRider® Double sheet wave attraction at Cartoon Network Amazone​.

The waterpark has made a huge impact on the region and has attracted sporting enthusiasts of all types. Within the past year, it has been made abundantly clear that the dramatic increase in local returning customers is solely due to FlowRider’s perfect wave. As this super excited rider base quickly grew, the demand for competition was soon recognized.

Just this month, Cartoon Network held the action-packed 2015 FlowRider FLOW Tour Asia Grand Finals. Imagine yourself riding the endless wave, watching yourself on the big screen and competing against friendly rivals in front of your family, friends and spectators. This massive waterpark in Thailand quickly turned into an exceptional sporting arena!

For the Grand Finals, competitors from all around Asia gathered at the waterpark to battle out on the wave to see who would claim the FLOW Tour Asia Title and represent their country at the World Flowboarding Championships at Flow House Bangkok November 14-15, 2015

At the end of the day, Nazri Salim claimed top honors in both Men’s Pro Flowboard and Men’s Pro Bodyboard. “Nazri dominated his competition and showed great determination throughout the event.  He was keen on representing Team Asia at the World Championships the following month,” stated Faddy Furreal, Representative of FLOW Asia.

Annisa Flyyn dominated the women’s competition and will represent Team Asia in Bangkok. “Based on the video footage I have seen of Annisa, she has the big tricks to compete with Xana Nash (Defending World Champion) and Dee Spencer (2014 North America FLOW Tour Champion) and will be a force to reckon with,” explained Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator and Judge.

You’ve seen it on the big screens and in your living rooms. Now get ready for some real life Cartoon Network splash hits plus some insane flowboarding tricks and an all-around awesome adventure!

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