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World Waterpark Steps it Up

The FlowRider® Services team recently updated West Edmonton Mall’s rear recovery! This is a big deal and we’ll tell you why.

We want every part of our attraction that riders may come in contact with to be as soft as possible.  We understand that the whole rider experience depends on…well, the whole ride. This is why over the years we have moved away from a hard foam and vinyl ride surface to a patented tension ride surfaces, inflatable ride surfaces and have also completely re-engineered the front and rear recovery areas.

World Waterpark’s rear recovery right after the FlowRider Services team put in the last bar.


All new FlowRiders built these days have our Max Recovery System in the front and rear recovery areas. The whole system is made up of individual bars that offer some flex, lots of strength, plenty of padding and also maintenance ease. If one of these individual bars gets damaged for some reason, operators can just switch that one bar out with the extras we provide. Our staff will train you and your staff on exactly how that is done, by the way. Speaking of staff, the Max Recovery System delivers the added bonus of comfort to the lifeguards’ joints after standing on the wave all day!

If you want to hear more or want to upgrade your FlowRider to include the Max Recovery System, give us a call or email Zak Tolli, our FlowRider Services Manager directly –