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Utah Waves Are All Geared Up For Summer

A couple of the world’s most popular FlowRiders® are right here in North America – Lindon Aquatics Center in Lindon, Utah and Provo Beach in Provo, Utah. The FlowRider Services team recently gave both of them a little TLC.

From the moment these rides were commissioned, these two waves have been very busy.  It’s safe to say that each one of these waves accommodates 60,000+ riders a year. Both venues host at least one FLOW Tour event every season too! That’s a lot of people hopping on and off and hanging around the wave, so there is indeed an element of wear and tear.  FlowRider Services Manager, Zak Tolli, did some inspections and then lead the charge for sprucing these waves up!

“For the most part, Provo was in great shape. After the inspection though, we found a few things that need some attention,” Tolli commented.  Since the initial installation in 2009, the side closure design has changed, so that is the first thing that Zak and his team will focus on updating.  The newer side closure design makes the ride surface “disappear” beneath the side walls; it gives the ride a cleaner look and increases safety for the patrons. The Provo wave management team also opted in on a new inflatable divider.  They have so many incredible local riders that really like the wide open ride surface, so often times the divider is not needed. When they do want to have 2 lanes however, it’s super easy to put in place.

Competitor warming up during the 2018 FLOW Tour at Provo Beach


“Lindon’s wave is outside, so it takes on environmental elements on a daily basis that lead to some standard wear and tear,” Zak says. “It finally need a new ride surface, it had been a full 10 years!”

Zak’s team replaced the surface as well as the nozzle flaps in the front of the ride. This wave has a a ton of local riders, so there will be a lot happy campers throughout this next summer and beyond.

Have general questions? Ready to have your FlowRider inspected? Email Zak Tolli – zak@flowrider.com