The World’s First FlowRider® Edge is Here!

For a few lucky FlowRider® fanatics around the world, there will be no more waiting in long waterpark lines, paying for 60-minute sessions, or booking a Royal Caribbean cruise just to get on a FlowRider. Cue the brand new and very cool FlowRider Edge!

The FlowRider team has executed – from concept to install – an incredibly fun, residential FlowRider attraction called the FlowRider Edge and, let us tell you, the final outcome is fantastic!

The first person to own a FlowRider Edge lives in Florida and all of the sudden has a lot of new friends and some family members coming out of the woodwork (half kidding – ha!). His backyard is going to get a lot of traffic this summer. Check out this set up!


If you or your client are planning on putting in a swimming pool why not consider adding a FlowRider Edge to the plan!? Here are few key features, benefits and key points about the Edge:

  • The FlowRider Edge takes backyard design and entertainment to an elite level – get busy riding and entertaining!
  • Caters to a playful & young lifestyle
  • Keeps your teens/tweens and their friends engaged in something super active and skill-based
  • Gets your children off their handheld devices – at least for a little while!
  • Fully inflatable ride surface and side walls
  • The ideal pool size to accompany this attraction should be at least 28’ W (8.5 m) x 30’ L (9 m).
  • The footprint of this attraction is only 774 sq feet (72 sq meters)
  • It can be 2 or 3 attractions in one – FlowRider + a slide into your pool OR FlowRider + Slide + Lazy River​​
  • Winterization/storage options can be discussed on a case-by-case basis
  • Single-lane, one-pump attraction
  • Very little site works/concrete pour necessary compared to other similar attractions

Installing a FlowRider Edge is undoubtedly a great solution for those who have the extra cash and space in their backyards. The size, the super fun function and easy integration into clients’ already epic backyards – cornhole and cool dogs included – has us thinking about how we can install one at our headquarters!! Please CONTACT US if you or a client have questions about this new wave. And, by the way, if we do end up installing one in San Diego, you’ll hear about it!