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The Westin in Cancún Just Gave Their Guests a Gift

Cancún is known for its year-round sunshine, white sand beaches and bright blue water.  Since the Westin just added a FlowRider® surf simulator machine to their amenity list, there are now four waves in Cancún.  This adds another (really cool!) reason for vacationers to head south to Mexico!

If you were staying at the Westin and sitting at the pool with your mini umbrella-adorned drink, what would you rather watch – a bunch of kids whomping each other with pool noodles or a bunch of board riders shredding on the FlowRider?

Wow, Captain Obvious!  We know the answer and so do our newest clients at the Westin south of the border.  This is actually the 2nd Westin property to install a FlowRider; the first is in Scottsdale, AZ at Westin Kierland.

These two Westins, among many other hotels, realize the high value of having a FlowRider on property.  Kids love it, parents love it, kids love that their parents love it and parents love that their kids love it.  In a nutshell, it’s great for the whole family and the value of having the FlowRider on property is very high and undeniable.  Even if friends and family members just watch people ride, they don’t even get on the ride, they are bound to have a more enjoyable time.  Remember – pool noodles or watching people ride an endless wave?!  Easy choice.

The FlowRider entices people to ‘set up camp’ all day near it.  And, guess what?  If you put great food and beverage adjacent to the wave, the property’s overall revenue is bound to rise.  People that have had the pleasure of staying at a hotel with a FlowRider are highly likely to re-book with that same hotel time and time again.

Oh! And we have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot more FLOW Tour action in Mexico in the next few years with the major uptick of FlowRiders in the area (hint, hint, Flowboarders!)

Check out this slideshow to see a sampling of hotels around the US with FlowRider surf machines and what their operators have to say.