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The Best Flowboarders in the World are Heading to Cancún

The best flowboarders from all across the globe are teed up to meet in Cancún, Mexico for the most prestigious flowboarding contest of the year – WORLDS!  

This event wraps up the FLOW (Flowboarding League of the World) Tour every year; this year it’s taking place at the amazing Aquaworld – home to the (rightfully) self-proclaimed water experts!  Competitions leading up to this event are open-entry, meaning riders of all ages and skill level are able to compete at any point along the tour.  There are of course different divisions and disciplines as well, bodyboarding or flowboarding.

The serious riders aim to accrue as many points as possible; the points doled out are based on their finishing place at each event.  Those with the most points then compete in the National Championships with a goal of earning a spot on the national team and a free flight to Worlds!

The North American tour started in April at Silver Rapids Waterpark in Idaho and the last stop was in New Jersey at Flow House LBI at the start of September.  Qualifying events for the World Flowboarding Championships took place in Asia, Canada and the UK too.  The number of FlowRider surf simulator attractions is growing worldwide, so naturally the amount of dedicated riders is growing as well.  Year in and year out, the sport of flowboarding continues to spread; we love our job of keeping the stoke alive!

“What started out as a family fun attraction is now being taken to the next level at Aquaworld,” says Ezequiel Guerrero, Aquaworld Director of Marketing. “The sport aspect of the FlowRider attraction has increased business and generated a passionate following of repeat customers.” Guerrero added.

This venue has been offering the latest and greatest in water sports and exploration since 1986 – approximately 15 years before the majority of our competitors were even born!  So anywaaaaay, Aquaworld is used to adventure-seeking, fun-loving folks, but Guerrero & his team are in for a treat with some of our most dedicated athletes and their fans coming so soon.  The “Flow Family” is notorious for soaking it all in, so to speak – anything fun, whether it’s on or off the wave, they will participate.  Aquaworld should be expecting a full bar & restaurant and for their activity lists to be fully booked all week long!

Check out the Cancún action here as it happens from November 3rd – 5th.

See Ya on the Wave!