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Surf Simulators Deserve Makeovers Too

There certainly comes a time during the lifespan of a Flowrider® when it has earned its right to a little makeover (or refurbishment as we like to call it), and there is absolutely no shame in that. In many ways, a worn-in FlowRider is like a relic. If you look close enough at each scuff mark on the ride surface, you can practically see the smiles of the riders that made them. A worn-in FlowRider is a true success story; one that has positively impacted damn near a million riders or so.

Despite the timestamps of smiles, after all those years of carves and attempted kick flips and shuvits, the surface will certainly take the brunt and the wear and tear will start to show. Although it’s very hard to tell with the pumps flowing, it is important to refurbish these surfaces at some point. Plus, the shiny new look and silky smoothness of a new ride surface is hard to beat, aesthetically speaking.

We are firm believers in the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is very applicable to our machinery which is built to last lifetimes with routine maintenance and care. However, there comes a point where we reply “it might not be broke, but it deserves a refurb.” (isn’t that a saying?) Every wave deserves some TLC every now and then and here’s what we’ve been up to in the refurbishments department over the past few months…


Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark  – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Flowing since 2007, the FlowRider Double at Silver Rapids has seen a lot of shredding. The indoor waterpark is a year-round mountain sports destination just 30 minutes from Coeur d’Alene. In this refurbishment, we installed all new foam and vinyl, along with that shiny new ride surface. Now riders can hop off the fresh powder from the Silver Mountain slopes onto this fresh new ride surface for a fun flowboarding session!

The Before


The After

Barcelo Resort and Moon Palace Resort  – Cancun, Mexico

With four FlowRiders on the Yucatan Peninsula alone, it is apparent that our sheet waves attractions are a big hit for guests visiting the many resorts of Cancun. Barcelo Maya Palace is a FlowRider Wave in a Box (WIAB). The WIAB system means that the wave is located, well… in a box… and is completely self-contained (needing no excavation or other civil works). This wave has been in operation since 2014, and we recently outfitted it with brand new foam and vinyl and an all new surface. Moon Palace, the all-inclusive resort in the heart of Cancun, also joined the makeover part and lucked out on a new ride surface as well.

All smiles at Moon Palace


The FlowRider at Barcelo Maya Palace

Wet N’ Wild Waterpark – Sunshine Coast, Australia

After many years under the intense Australian sun, this FlowRider Double needed a new ride surface. With all that surf appeal on the Gold Coast, the thrill of riding a wave is especially in demand for this Wet N’ Wild location. This refurbishment has officially been completed just in time for summer down under!

The finishing touches on Wet N’ Wild’s new surface