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Revitalizing South Florida’s Most Popular FlowRider Waves

With one of the most active flowboarding scenes in the world, some our most popular venues in South Florida rightfully deserved a little bit of TLC after years of nonstop use. As venues continue to see an increased desire for skill-based and surf-like attractions, they are turning to our industry-leading after sales team to reinvigorate their existing FlowRider waves.

Over the last few months we have highlighted a few projects that the after sales team took on in the second half of 2022. It just so happens that three key projects all happened within 30 miles of each other in South Florida, one of the most popular regions for flowboarding in the world.

The Boca Raton – Boca Raton

The first project in South Florida began with installation of a brand-new FlowRider Double at The Boca Raton. They are no strangers to FlowRider however, they previously had a Wave In A Box model that they ran for years. This past year, The Boca Raton decided to upgrade to a FlowRider Double to be featured in the construction of a new outdoor entertainment venue. Situated alongside Lake Boca Raton, the new location provides stunning views for both riders and the heaps of spectators that it attracts.

The Boca Raton's brand-new entertainment venue featuring a FlowRider Double

Margaritaville – Hollywood Beach

Another FlowRider venue with stunning views, Margaritaville’s FlowRider Double faces the lively beach and boardwalk in Hollywood Beach. Over the years Margaritaville’s wave has built up local ridership, as well as offered a treat for their guests. After over seven years of consistent use Our team was stoked to revitalize this wave with a full refurbishment, consisting of a brand new surface, nozzles, foam & vinyl, and pillow padding.

Before & After Refurbishment

Tidal Cove – Aventura 

This trio of projects wrapped up with the revitalization of the Tidal Cove’s FlowRider Triple. This refurbishment was focused on a drop stitch ride surface replacement. Featuring one of the largest and most thrilling ride surfaces in our product portfolio, the Triple has been enjoyed by riders of all abilities since the Marriot resort opened. That said, our team was more than happy to bring this seriously shred-able surface back to life.

FlowRider team member taking a test ride on new surface

Project Wrap Up

Upon the completion of all three projects our After Sales Manager, Josh Ornelaz recounted the projects in saying, “After playing a role in the original construction of both waves, it’s very fulfilling to see how popular they have become for our client’s venues. The goal of these refurbishments is to bring back the excitement of a brand-new wave and to keep them running for years to come. The team couldn’t be happier with how the projects turned out and all the hard work from everyone involved. It was a treat to bring together FlowRider install specialists from Australia, England, San Diego, and Florida to get a few of our most popular waves back in tip-top condition.”

At FlowRider, we certainly take pride in our commitment to service and our ability to service any of our client’s needs to minimize down-time and keep operations running smoothly. Our skilled after sales team showed some serious dedication once again, and we’re looking forward to another great year of work ahead.

Looking to inject some new life into your wave? Our after sales team and on-site specialist are ready to service your needs.