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Puerto Rico’s Arroyo Surfing Park Just Got an Upgrade

The world’s 4th Wave Oz™ is up and running! This newest wave is at Arroyo Surfing Park, Puerto Rico’s newest and coolest water park located about 50 miles (80 km) directly south of San Juan. They have a special version of this iconic attraction too! It’s actually 156° vs. the standard 180°, so there is slightly less ride surface, but it is no less awesome.

Just like with surfing (or any board sport, for that matter), WaveOz riders will fall. Luckily though it’s fun to fall on this ride! It has 6 pumps sending a perfect (sheet) wave of water over a fully inflatable ride surface, giving riders the ability to pump down the line with confidence. When they fall, it’s a soft landing. Guests can use a body board for prone riding or they can use a flowboard for more advanced stand-up riding. To add to the versatility, operators can quickly install or uninstall inflatable dividers. The choice is theirs to have either a wide open ride surface or to have up to 4 separate lanes so that many riders can shred simultaneously.

Arroyo Surfing Park lifeguards during their staff training last month.


Guests of the park get amazing hillside views while they cool off in and around the multiple pool and slide complexes.  Most of the park’s attractions appeal to smaller children which is of course GREAT, but the WaveOz takes the park to a whole different level.  This ride will have the local teens buying season passes in no time.  And since teens typically have friends and family members that they hang out with, well, this attraction is going to bring in a serious wave of revenue (pun not originally intended, but it’s staying riiiight here).

We happily welcome Arroyo Surfing Park to the Flow Family and can’t wait to get down there ourselves to test it out!