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Norway’s Wave Scene Just Got a Little Brighter

In 2008, Norway got their first FlowRider® surf simulator.  It is installed at the Radisson Blu in Trysil, Norway and is referred to as Surfer’s Bay by locals and guests alike.  Along with the FlowRider there is a beautiful indoor pool and seating area.  All of this (and the world-class skiing mountain right outside their door!) is perfect – guests experience no shortage of cool, healthy things to do. Recently our After Sales team was able to help the stunning property maintain it’s coolness and 5-star reputation.

The nozzle flap is a patented and very important element of the FlowRider and WaveOz™ surf simulators. It sits towards the front of the ride and covers the area from which the water is pumped on and up the ride surface (a.k.a the nozzles). By the way, the tension ride surface, that is unique to FlowRider surf simulators, is also a patent-protected element.

Anyway, the hotel contacted us because, the nozzle flap was getting a little worn out & needed some TLC.  When the team arrived onsite, they knew it needed to be replaced, so they got to work. Check out the before and after photos!

Looks great, right? The management staff is stoked because their guests will have a cleaner, safer ride every time.  The flow is evened out even more and more advanced riders can actually use the nozzle flap as part of their riding style and tricks.

Our team is ready to answer any questions you have whether you already own a FlowRider surf simulator or are interested in purchasing one for your hotel, waterpark, city or want to start a stand alone business.  Call anytime – 619-241-2517.

See Ya On The Wave!