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New Wave Alert: Surf House Punta Cana Now Open!

The newest Stand Alone FlowRider® venue is in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it is AWESOME.

The Grand Opening event for Surf House Punta Cana was last night and locals came in troves.  In fact, the most important & prestigious local was in attendance – Danilo Medina, the President of the Dominican Republic!  He’s kind of a big deal which makes us kind of a big deal, right?  The guests for this exclusive event also got an exclusive performance from Sean Silveira, 6x World Flowboarding Champion, who made the trek earlier this week.

This venue is epic!  We worked with the client to get the layout just right and it paid off.  No matter where you are in the venue, you can see the action on the wave,” Andrew Thatcher, VP of FlowRider Sales, states.

Thatcher was alongside His Excellency Danilo Medina at the Grand Opening and was able to get some pretty great shots – from some last-minute installation efforts to the Grand Opening party in full swing.  Check it out and stay tuned for more action in the Dominican Republic soon!

“I was absolutely delighted to see the look on my guests’ faces.  There is no doubt that the FlowRider® will have a huge impact on our future operations,” says owner and developer Miguel Ricart.  This venue epitomizes what a stand alone venue should be. With a fantastic design, cool drinks and great food, it is sure to set a precendent of this kind of venue.  Positioned as an anchor to the new mall, Surf House Punta Cana will be a one of a kind Attraction that not only will generate foot traffic for the shopping center but it will also be a strong tourist destination for the region.