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New Wave Alert: Seton YMCA

The FlowRider® was born into the waterpark, we like to say.  The first market that FlowRiders started appearing in after waterparks though is the municipal market. The economic developers in Seton, Calgary, Canada did their research and now there is a FlowRider Single inside their brand new YMCA aquatics center!

Once the youngest members of any community center have learned the ABCs of swimming, what is next?  What’s next is that they have reached their tween and teenage years and become bored really rapidly and easily. In order to hold their attention, community centers around world are calling us for a solution.

This installation at the YMCA in Calgary is one of our most recent.  They opened the entire facility just in time to work out all the kinks before the busy summer season starts. Right when the wave was finished and rest of that pool deck area was constructed to a point of being safe to be around, we were there. Well, Rob Chalfant was there! Rob is out Materials and Operations Manager, but has conducted staff trainins for almost a decade.

Rob got on great with their fresh, young staff. He started with a heavy dose of “land lesson” sessions. Before he leads the new team to the wave, they need to understand just how dynamic these waves are, where they should station themselves throughout a shift, how to turn it on and off, among other things! Then he gets them on the wave. He teaches them individually and then has them teach each other. They learn tricks too! Most importantly they learn everything they need to know about keeping every guest safe and happy!

Welcome to the Flow Family, YMCA at Seton!