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New Wave Alert: Laguna Waterpark at La Mer Boasts World’s 3rd WaveOz™

We all know by now that there is no shortage of world class, thrilling things to do in Dubai, UAE.  But after 2.5 years of planning and building there is yet another amazing place for adrenaline junkies to satiate their appetites – Laguna Waterpark!  This is a 100% WhiteWater West waterpark that of course includes the most iconic attraction from our team – the WaveOz 180!!

The WaveOz is the largest sheet wave on the planet.  There are 7 pumps, its footprint is ~7,000 square feet, up to 4 patrons can ride at once, the whole ride surface is inflatable and it totally welcoming to novice riders and professionals alike.

The Watersports Manager at the park is Clayton Barker, a three-time World Flowboarding Champion from South Africa.  His breadth of knowledge goes deep regarding sheet waves in regards to a few things – the amazing allure of a sheet wave, how to program it within a waterpark (i.e. corporate events, birthday parties, flow leagues, season passes) and also in regards to the sport of flowboarding.  With Barker on hand, Laguna Waterpark will see some immediate  demonstrations on how to use the attraction and to instill a love of the sport. “We will use the attraction to start a surf school and get interest in the sport to grow, and hopefully get Team UAE using it as well. We want to host the world championships here soon, and this will get us started,” Barker explains.

Barker shredding on a wide open ride surface!


We welcome La Mer to the Flow Family and we welcome you to watch the video below.  Perhaps you too will be one of the thousands of park visitors this year!