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NEW Flow House Family Member: Flow House Seoul

Flow House Seoul is the most recent member of the Flow House Family!

With the continuing popularity of the FlowRider® attraction and the growing love for the sport of flowboarding in Asia, the Flow House™ brand is expanding.

Flow House is an exciting entertainment venue pioneering the fusion between flowboarding, food, beverage, retail and events. It is a slice of the California beach culture.

“Flow House’s are a place where people can surf, eat, drink or just hang out,” explained VP of FlowRider Sales, Andrew Thatcher.

At the heart of every Flow House is the FlowRider, the original sheet wave.  A Flow House can be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two.  In its simplest form, the Flow House showcases the FlowRider as a liquid stage that is as thrilling to watch as it is to ride.

Flow House Seoul is the most recent member of the Flow House Family. Located in the Goyang district in the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea it is very accessible to the 10 million people that call Seoul home.

Spearheaded by the passionate owners Jake Park and Sang Jun Lee, this venue is a compact indoor location with a FlowRider Double, spas and Food and Beverage. They also designed one of the most unique art pieces of all the Flow House Venues right on the front of their building (image below).

Another exciting attribute of Flow House is the ability turn your venue into a sporting arena. Flowboarding is a rapidly growing and cutting edge board sport.  Despite opening just months ago, Flow House Seoul  hosted an Asia FLOW Tour stop last month!  There was a huge turn out and the local riders put on a great show for their community.  The event also drew 2014 Defending World Champion and multi-time North America FLOW Tour Champion, Nick Nguyen.

“Participating in 2015 FlowRider Flow Tour was very positive for our public image that showed that flowboarding is not just a one time attraction but more of a hobby and cutting edge sport!” explained Sang Jung Lee.

“Flow House Seoul is planning for more events and opportunities to keep that momentum up” Lee added.

“The hospitality from Sang Jun Lee at Flow House Seoul was amazing. Such a great venue and atmosphere from all of the fellow Asians,” Mentioned Nguyen.

“There were so many prizes and sponsors supporting Flow House Seoul. All of the competitors looked happy and were having a great time,” explained Nguyen. “Hopefully I get invited back out for next year’s event,” he added.

Our team at FlowRider is very excited for what the future holds for the Flow House brand as we continue to bring the California lifestyle all around the world. Be sure to check out our ‘Locations’ tab on FlowRider.com to find a wave location nearest you!

See ya on the wave!