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Minnesota’s Water Park of America Has a New Owner

Great Wolf Lodge, the largest family of indoor water parks with hotels, purchased the property.  The acquisition officially took place in February, but we are still feeling the excitement over here!  One of the first orders of business is to spruce up the FlowRider® Double they have onsite.  Specifically, they are going to outfit their ride with our proprietary Pillow Padding system on their front and rear recovery areas.  Whether riders are standing, walking, riding or wiping out, they will have soft landings no matter where they are on the ride.

The property is about a 10 minute drive from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport (MSP), making it a very convenient accommodations option for guests coming to visit the Bloomington area.  The water park alone helps people with that decision and helps keep guests on property.  This is of course the hotel’s goal, but throw in a FlowRider – well, guests are spending more time on your property and you’ve really won the whole family over.  Teenage travelers can only go on a waterslide so many times before they are bored to tears.  The FlowRider is the answer – the more people ride, the better the rider they become, the better rider they become the more they want to ride!  It’s a fun, healthy cycle for both the hotel operators and the families that chose to stay with Great Wolf Lodge (or any of the other hotels with a FlowRider!)

Great Wolf prides themselves in having super family-friendly, amazing properties.  They have 16 beautiful locations across the country from California to Massachusetts.  We are anxiously awaiting to see what other changes and upgrades will go into this new property.  When FlowRider, Inc.’s Adam and/or Rob travel there to train (or re-train) staff, they will be snappin’ photos, so stay tuned for more updates!

See Ya On The Wave!